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May/June 2022 Article: Spring Into Fitness

Spring Into Fitness

Spring is here in full session and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Trees are growing and so are plants. It is nice to see nature’s creativity coming out via so many different avenues. This is a good moment to get inspired by the earth and use that energy to be more creative in our own lives. One underrated aspect of enjoying life is being able to be more creative with your healthy lifestyle choices.


It is easy to fall into being a creature of habit when it comes down to lifestyles. For example, finding new ways to make meals is always talked about but how about eating said meals on different plates? Or even decorating the table considerably differently in a way that makes it a cool dining experience.


Exercise is also extremely important, so how can we make it fun and creative? Time to join a dance or martial arts class where exercise becomes a fun and exciting way to learn new things.

Finding ways to incorporate exercise in the daily activities that we do is a way to continue being creative.

Do you sit in an office all day?

Check out this link for ideas on how to exercise from your seat:


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