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Another New Year's Resolution?

A Message from Dr Love’s Organics without Breaking the Bank – Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!  How many times have we heard those wonderful words of encouragement only to be followed by, “What are your New Year’s resolution?”  We are all faced with planning for the New Year regarding our health and exercise routines. Whether we think of a plan or reduce it to writing, health is wealth. Let’s consider a few steps to making your “New Year’s Resolution” a permanent part of your daily life of healthy living.

  1. Weekly meal planning. Take the stress out of thinking of what to eat daily. Your family will thank you for it and you will too. Apps like the Pinterest, the Cooking Channel and grocery shoppers with annual memberships such as Instacart take out a lot of the guess work.

  2. No more counting calories! Look for meals that flow with the seasons, low in dairy and meats and high in starchy vegetables and plant protein.

  3. Ask, ask, ask. Sometimes, we forget to ask our loved ones what their favorite foods are. Think about preparing them a different way: air frying, bake, steam or oven roasted.  You might be surprised by the difference in taste by food preparation.

As we go into the New Year, think about and vision how you would like to transform your health and the lives around you.  The answer lies in you!

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