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Flu Season Tips from Dr. K.L. Johnson

Greetings from Dr. Love’s Healthcare! Here are a couple of monthly health tips, as we move further into the holidays.  

One thing you can do is make sure your home is free of all dust, especially around the blinds, under the beds. Make sure you don’t have any clutter for dust to collect. You might also want to consider flipping your mattress, so that everything is ready for the fall season. 

A second suggestion would be to get with your healthcare provider and make sure you have adequate Vitamin D and that your child is getting enough sunlight. We usually get sunlight when we are outside by exposing our hands and feet. But with daylight savings time, that makes it a little more challenging. So, again, check with your healthcare provider and make sure that your levels are where they need to be.  

Finally, rest. Rest is so important for you and children to make sure you get your 7-10 hours of sleep (our little ones need more). Rest is most important for your body to heal and be well and deal with all of the fun but stressful holiday shopping and parties that go on.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please reach out if you have any questions or comments.

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