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Jan./Feb. 2022 Article: Here’s to Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The 2020’s have truly earned the title of Roaring ‘20s. Each year prior has been keeping us on our toes in many ways. Now, we are entering 2022 or what the internet has jokingly coined as 2020 too. These next few days can be used to reflect on our year and our lives.

Some questions I am asking myself are:

-What is my vision going into next year?

-What are 5 words I can use to recap this year? -What am I taking with me to 2022?

-What am I leaving behind in 2021?

As a world, we have endured a lot this decade- and we can turn it into a growing moment. We are still in an ongoing pandemic that has uncovered individual and societal issues. It would be wise to pinpoint our focus on health going into 2022. Not just physical health but mental, emotional, and spiritual health evaluations are in order to be in tip top shape in 2022.

Health will not be measured simply in pounds and inches- it will be holistically approached.

Wealth is another focus going into 2022. Notice that wealth is stated and not money because there is a difference. Wealth of spirit, wealth of mind, wealth of time and wealth of resources are things we are looking forward to this coming year. We will embrace a mindset of wealth that prioritizes the most important things in life.

Things like love, family, happiness, kindness and peace are worthy of our time and dedication to cultivating. If anything, we have learned this decade that life is precious and we need to start acting like it.

Need more help on how to create a healthy New Year?

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Happy New Year!


Drs. Love, Monica Medina-Dobbs

and Ms. Helen Derbew

Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutritionist & Lifestyle Medicine Health Consultants


Blog Author: Helen Derbew

Blog Editor: Dr. Love

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