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November/December 2021 Article, Healthy Holiday Eating: Simple Tips that’ll Save on those Hips!

After an eventful 2020, a post pandemic holiday season is upon us. This time of year can be extremely tough for a lot of people due to countless reasons. Whether it is losing loved ones, not being around loved ones or dealing with a complicated relationship with food, the holiday season can be a bittersweet time.

This holiday season, we will be focusing on the sweet portion- no pun intended- and how one who may have a blurry relationship with food can go into this season with a positive mindset.

It is said that people gain an average of 10 pounds just this week alone. When a person has an unhealthy mindset toward food, this can manifest itself by overeating during this time and then having a low sense of self afterward.

Instead, let’s all make sure to pace ourselves. Pacing may look like taking 30 minute breaks in between portions or choosing a smaller plate from which to eat. Things that seem small can actually make a huge difference. I challenge everyone to start and end each day this week with a tall glass of water by their bedside.

As you are cooking (or waiting for the food to get ready), make sure you are drinking water to ensure you are well hydrated so that you do not overeat.

Pick one dessert or get very small slices of dessert so that your sweet tooth is cared for but so are your blood sugar levels.

Most importantly, make sure to take care of your mental health and ENJOY yourself.

2020 has shown us not to take life and loved ones for granted. Yes health is wealth but every now and then it is okay to loosen up.

The unnecessary worry during this time is not worth it.


Need more help on how to create a healthy holiday meal?

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Happy healthy holiday eating!


Drs. Love, Monica Medina-Dobbs

and Ms. Helen Derbew

Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutritionist & Lifestyle Medicine Health Consultants


Blog Author: Helen Derbew

Blog Editor: Dr. Love

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