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November/December 2022: Healthy Holiday Eating

Updated: May 22, 2023

Healthy Holiday Eating

Did you overeat this Thanksgiving 🦃?

After enjoying an eventful holiday with your loved ones, it is imperative to have a plan set in motion to help bring you back into a routine.

When you are overindulging, working less, and hopefully relaxing more, it helps to get back into the swing of things by having a recovery plan set in motion to help get you back on track mentally and physically. Here are some recovery tips to help you get back to the swing of things.


1. Herbal tea. After all the food you've been eating during the holidays, treat your body to warm herbal tea to aid with digestion. The best herbal teas that can support digestion include green tea, ginger and lemon tea, dandelion tea, nettle tea, and horsetail tea.

2. Probiotics. Gut health can affect everything from mood to digestion, and that holiday binge might not be doing it any favors. Help replenish your healthy gut environment with a good probiotic supplement.

3. Get moving. You've enjoyed a few lazy days on the couch watching lots of your favorite holiday classics. Now it's time to get back into a routine. Start slow and steady, incorporating a daily workout into your activity. A body in motion stays in motion!

4. Get extra sleep. Nothing rejuvenates the body like a good restful night of sleep. You may have been sacrificing your zZz's while busy entertaining your family and loved ones. Now is the time to catch up on some much-deserved rest before diving back into your daily routine.


What helps you bounce back from a busy holiday? We’d love to hear about it!

Need more help staying healthy this holiday season?

DM "HOLIDAY" or post in the comments and we will send you our free resource.

Happy Holidays staying healthy!

Keith & Dr. Kat

Your Health DEMPStrators

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