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Tips for Preparing Healthier Holiday Meal Choices

We all know that with the holidays come those extra special dishes we love to try.  Some are welcomed with open arms while others are seen as the dreadful weight gainer.  Let’s take a deeper dive into how to prepare for the holidays and select healthier holiday meal choices.  


If you did not get the chance to read the article on sugar last month, please check out the different types of sugar.  The more processed the sugar is, particularly white or cane sugar, the harder your body works to maintain alkalinity and the digestive processes needed to keep you healthy. 

Processed Meats

Gobble Gobble (turkey) is one of the most commonly eaten meat during the fall holidays.  However, because it contains tryptophan, which causes sleepiness may not be in your favor if you pack in the starchy dressing and cranberry sauce.  Consider hen or game meats such as veal to even out the cooked bird.  


Although I’ve seen many green bean casseroles during the holiday season, I must say that carbohydrates, such as fried onions far underweigh the nutritional value of organic creamed spinach or pecan crusted sweet potato.  Try fresh instead of canned or frozen foods (Vitamin E is stripped during the freezing process).  

I hope this article has been helpful to you.  We are thankful for the many options we have to choose from during the holidays. But, choose wisely and most importantly, be thankful for your family’s health. 

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