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September / October 2021 Article 5 Positive Lessons We Can Take From the COVID Pandemic

5 Positive Lessons We Can Take From the COVID Pandemic

When the COVID pandemic hit, it changed the world significantly. The pandemic was a painful and tragic experience for many people, but it also taught us some important lessons. As countries start to move toward relaxing restrictions and allowing citizens to live a relatively normal life, it's wise to reflect on those lessons and how we can focus on the things that are truly important to us in the future.


1. People Found a New Love for the Outdoors

Bars, nightclubs, arenas, and shopping centers closed for months on end, and people found new ways to socialize. Going for walks in the woods, playing in parks, and hiking became popular pursuits. Spending time in forests is good for your physical and mental health, something many city-dwellers could benefit from doing more of.


2. We're More Willing to Talk About Our Mental Health

It's estimated that one in four Americans suffers from a mental health disorder. The topic of mental health has been taboo for a long time, but the shared experience of isolation and worry during the pandemic inspired many celebrities to open up about their mental health challenges. This has changed many people's attitudes. Hopefully, that change is a long-lasting one.


3. Healthy Habits Became a Priority

The news that obesity increases the risk of severe COVIDsymptoms inspired people to eat better and get more exercise. Being forced to spend lots of time at home led to lots of families making space for creative hobbies, finding the time to meditate, and generally learning to be happy at home. Some individuals were fortunate enough to be able to keep their jobs throughout the pandemic and found themselves better off financially because they spent less money going out. Keeping those new stay-at-home hobbies could make people better off financially, and mentally, long-term.


4. People Are Making Time to Pursue Their Dreams

The upheaval of COVID-19 encouraged us all to take stock of what we're doing with our lives. Some people decided to pursue their career goals more aggressively, others shifted the other way to look for jobs that let them spend more time with their families. More than half a million new businesses were formedduring the pandemic, as people had time to look into forming an LLC for liability and tax purposes, learning the regulations in Texas, and even choosing a formation service to help them get started. Taking that first step is a major piece of progress toward better things.


5. We've Rediscovered the Importance of Local Businesses

Travel bans meant people couldn't leave their local areas, and 70% of consumers reported shopping locally. There are many ethical and environmental benefits to supporting local businesses, and consumers benefit from more personalized service and often higher-quality products too. If more people support small businesses in their areas, the benefit to the local economy could be huge.


The Pandemic Taught Us Many Lessons

COVID-19 changed the world, and 2020 was a difficult year for a lot of families. It also gave us all a chance to reflect and consider what's really important to us and showed us the potential benefits of living a simpler life. If we learn from that, we can come out of the pandemic happier, healthier, and stronger as a culture.


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Written by:

Guest Blogger, Marjorie McMillian

Drs. Love, Monica Medina-Dobbs

and Ms. Helen Derbew

Dr. Love’s Integrative Nutritionist & Lifestyle Medicine Health Consultants


5 Positive Lesson We Can Take from the COVID-19 Pandemic

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